Simple Design - Low Maintenance - High Performance - Light Weight


Our ethos revolves around prioritizing simpler design, reduced maintenance, enhanced performance, and lighter weight. Our APU solutions liberate you from the burdensome upkeep and hefty 600 lbs of AGM batteries. With our Lithium batteries, not only do you experience a significant weight reduction, but also enjoy hassle-free maintenance and a full 5-year manufacturing warranty (for lithium batteries), ensuring prolonged warranty-free operation.



Cooling Capacity: 8,000 BTU / 2200W

Air Flow: 250 CFM

Input Power: DC12V

Power Consumption: Eco: 240W+, Boost: 480W - 700W

Noise Level: Eco: 50dB, Boost: 60dB

Operating Current: 20A - 60A

Dimension: W18.2" x L23.8" x H12"

Weight: 36.4 lb


Heating Capacity: 14,000 BTU / 4,000W

Fuel Consumption (gal/hr): 0.053min - 0.14max

Operating Power: 20W - 40W

Starting Power: <120W

Operating Temp: -40°F - 75°F

Operating Elevation: <16,000ft

Dimension: 14.6" x 5.5" x 5.9"

Weight: 10 lb


Output Waveform:Pure Sine Wave

Operating Temperature:-4°F -104°F

Storage Temperature:-40°F-158°F

Continuous Output Power:2000W

Battery Input Voltage Range:11VDC~16.5VDC

Dimensions: L15.8" x W9.8" x H3.8"

Output Voltage:120Vac±10%

Weight:10.4 lbs


Model: SmartStart 100

Cell Type: LiFePO4

Cell Capacity: 100Ah

Max Starting Current: 2400A

Operating Valtage: 10V-14V

Operating Temp: -40°F-149°F

Storage Temp: -4°F-140°F

Weight: 33 lbs



Introducing our standard 400Ah system, crafted as the ideal entry-level solution for powering your a/c system with utmost efficiency. Boasting a runtime of 8 to 20 hours, contingent on external factors, it seamlessly integrates into your current setup. By swapping out your lead-acid starter batteries for our SmartStart 100 2-in-1 lithium starting batteries, you'll enjoy a swift and hassle-free installation process. Plus, revel in a remarkable 50 lbs weight reduction in your truck, ensuring a noticeable boost in performance without any compromises. Looking to take matters into your own hands? Our convenient DIY kit, coupled with comprehensive installation videos, is readily available for you and your fleet.


Introducing our step-up system, engineered to provide users with an additional 200Ah of power, extending the runtime of your a/c system. With the capability to run for 10 to 27 hours, contingent on external conditions and drawing from supplementary systems, it ensures reliable performance. By replacing your lead-acid batteries with our SmartStart 100 2-in-1 lithium starting batteries and incorporating a side-mounted battery box housing two additional SmartStart 100 batteries, we enhance both efficiency and capacity. Despite the added power, this model only increases the truck's weight by roughly 50 lbs, ensuring optimal balance and functionality.


Presenting our ultimate system, designed to provide users with an impressive 800Ah of power, ensuring extended operation of your a/c system. With the capability to run for 11 to 34 hours, adapting to varying external conditions and drawing from complementary systems, it guarantees unparalleled performance. By replacing your lead-acid batteries with our SmartStart 100 2-in-1 lithium starting batteries and integrating a side-mounted battery box housing four additional SmartStart 100 batteries, we significantly amplify both capacity and efficiency. Despite the substantial power increase, this model adds only around 120 lbs to the truck, maintaining a harmonious balance between power and practicality.



Our eAPU solution is equipped with starting lithium batteries, providing extended runtimes and ensure an excellent operating range from -40F to 149F.


Suprise! Since we are replacing the 60lbs (each) lead-acid battery with 30lbs (each) lithium starting battery, even adding our A/C unit, heater and inverter, you are still reduce 50 lbs overall.


Our eAPU system will be seamlessly integrated into trucks equipped with auto-start functionality.This integration enables automatic engine startup for battery charging purposes.


Experience seamless system installation with our cutting-edge solution, ensuring swift setup in just one day(for model: 8K12V-400 cooling only).


Our commitment to excellent support extends beyond installation, ensuring ongoing assistance and guidance for optimal system performance.



In the realm of semi-truck sleepers, idle time is at its peak as drivers rest in their trucks. To combat this, our low-cost, quick-installation, and maintenance-free eAPU solution emerges as the ideal choice. By transitioning away from diesel APUs, we not only minimize idle time but also eliminate the hassle of constant maintenance and repair. Our Polar Fox eAPU offers a seamless and efficient alternative, ensuring optimal comfort for drivers while maximizing operational efficiency and reducing overall costs.


In today's transportation landscape, daycabs are relying on efficient cooling solutions more than ever. Our electric Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) addresses these needs by significantly reducing idle time, ensuring driver comfort, extending engine lifespan, and cutting down on aftertreatment repair costs. With quick installation, affordable pricing, and rapid return on investment, our eAPU stands out as the optimal solution for daycab operators seeking to enhance performance while minimizing operational costs.


For fleets, the key to success lies in finding a solution that combines low cost, easy installation, and minimal maintenance. Our system ticks all these boxes and more. Designed for self-installation by fleets with training provided by us, our solution ensures a seamless setup process. Moreover, our commitment to excellent support extends beyond installation, offering quick repairs to minimize downtime and keep your fleet running smoothly. With our comprehensive approach, we deliver the ideal solution for fleets looking to optimize efficiency and minimize costs


Model: 8K12V-400 (Cooling Only)


Model: 8K12V-600 (Cooling Only)

Please contact us to get a quote.

Model: 8K12V-800 (Cooling Only)

Please contact us to get a quote.

Bunk Heater (Heating Only)


2KW Inverter



Installation instruction and after installation support will provide for customer who purchases the KITs.


As a truck owner, running a successful business hinges on making intelligent decisions. One such decision involves minimizing idle time, which can incur significant costs. Rather than wasting over $1,000 per month on idling expenses, why not consider installing an APU today? With excellent financing options available from Synchrony Bank and New Lane Finance, you can start saving money immediately


Getting your APU installed today iwth a 6-month no interest financing


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Watch the video on YouTube to see how to finance an electrical APU

Showcase Our Installed System


Can I install the eAPU by myself?

Yes, for individual customer or fleets who want to install the system themselves instead of getting installed at our shop, we sell complete KITs, and provide installation instruction and after installation support. Volume pricing available for 10+ orders.

How many hours does the system run?

Our standard 400Ah system can run between 8 to 20 hours depends on the setting of the a/c unit and draws from other systems.

Can I use the auto-start feature from truck after install the Polar Fox electric APU?

For newer trucks that has the factory auto-start feature, Polar Fox electric APU system will be seamlessly integrated into trucks equipped with auto-start functionality.This integration enables automatic engine startup for battery charging purposes.

Will Polar Fox eAPU installation connect to truck air ducts?

For the price listed above, we do not connect to truck air ducts. However, if customer requests, we will gladly connect to truck factory air duct. It only cost $300 for the additional labor and material. If you want to know how it looks without connecting to the factory air ducts, you can watch our showcase video on our website.

How long does it take to install the whole system?

1 day for cooling only, 2 days for cooling, heating and inverter.

What is the installed weight of the Polar Fox eAPU system?

Total installed weight: 188 lbs.

a/c unit: 36 lbs, battery: 132 lbs, heating: 10 lbs, inverter: 10 lbs.

Total weight removed from the truck (while replacing the lead-acid starting batteries): 232 lbs.

Gross weight after installing our system: -44 lbs

Why does Polar Fox eAPU system use lithium batteries, not AGM batteries?

AGM batteries are widely used by other electric APU installers. However, they are nearly 3 times heavier than lithium batteries (type 31). To run eAPU system, typically, installers use 8 AGM batteries, those are about 600 lbs added to the truck. And AGM batteries require upgraded alternator to be able to charge them full during a 8 hours driving period. However, in other hand, lithium batteries are much, lighterbetter technology, faster charging, no need to upgrade truck alternator. All in all, lithium batteries are better suited for eAPU system.