➡️ Certain parts, products, and accessories and other items used in completing the repair and service work covering this repair order are manufactured and supplied by others, the quality and workmanship of which are entirely outside the control of DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS or any of its corporate affiliates. The only warranties applying to said parts, products, and accessories, etc., are those which may be offered by the manufacturer. DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of said parts, products and accessories, etc. and/or service. Customer shall not be entitled to recover from DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS any consequential damages, damages to property, damages for loss of use, loss of profits, or income, or any other incidental damages.

➡️ Customer is hereby notified that the vehicle is not insured or protected to the amount of the actual cash value thereof, or otherwise, against loss occasioned by theft, fire or vandalism while the vehicle remains with DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS.

➡️ Customer states no article of personal property has been left in the vehicle and DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, is not responsible for inspection thereof.

➡️ Due to the type of service requested, some repairs may be sublet.

➡️ Customer agrees to pay for the goods and services described in this repair order according to its terms. Customer further agrees to pay a month finance charge at the maximum legal rate, on any balance, including previous unpaid finance charges, unpaid Thirty (30) days after billing date.

➡️ Customer hereby authorizes DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, to operate the vehicle described herein for the purposes of testing, inspection, or delivery, at the Customers own risk.

➡️ In the event that Customer refuses to have repair work performed that is recommended by DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, Customer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, its affiliates, agents, and employees, from and against any loss, damages, injury, liability, claim or lien (including the payment of all damages, expenses, costs and attorney’s fees) for damage to property or injury to persons caused by the failure to have said recommended repair work performed.

➡️ The validity, performance, construction and effect of this repair order between Customer and DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, shall be governed by the laws of the State in which this repair order is issued. If DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, should find it necessary to refer to this repair order or any matter in connection therewith to an attorney or collection agency, Customer agrees to pay all attorneys’ fees, collection agency fees, court costs, and any other collection charges incurred by DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, in connection therewith.

➡️ Customer agrees that, should he have any questions or complaint concerning any matter relating to this repair order, such as price, work performed, etc., he will bring it to the attention of the Service Manager or other company management personnel in writing within (15) days of the billing date of this repair order. Otherwise, it shall be conclusively presumed by DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, that this repair is considered correct by Customer.



➡️ DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, warrants all service work performed by its service technicians to be free of workmanship defects for a period of 12 months. Service Department Warranty is to be performed only by DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, there is no other warranty expressed, implied or stated verbally.

➡️ Customer acknowledges that (s)he has inspected the repairs performed on Customer Vehicle as detailed herein, accepts the same, and agrees to pay the amount due.

➡️ Customer agrees to pick up the vehicle within 3 days upon completion of the agreed-upon services. Failure to do so will result in the conversion of the vehicle’s status to storage, incurring a daily fee of $25 starting on the fourth day post-completion. Please note our Garage keeper insurance does not cover vehicles in storage, and during this period, customer assume full responsibility for any damages or losses. Payment of storage fees is required upon pickup.


➡️ Emission Repairs: Our diagnostic and repair process rely on customer-provided information to address emissions-related problems in commercial trucks. It is important to understand that additional underlying issues may exist beyond the initial information provided. Emissions problems are complex, arising from various factors. While we strive to address likely causes, we cannot guarantee the complete success of the repairs due to factors beyond our control. We are committed to maintaining open communication with our customers and promptly informing them of any unexpected challenges or additional issues throughout the repair process.

➡️ Emission Warranty: Our warranty specifically excludes coverage for DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters), DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts), SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), or *One Box cleaning services. As part of our services, we provide air restriction and weight measurements for DPF, DOC, and SCR (pancake type) before and after cleaning. These measurements assist in assessing cleaning effectiveness, but they do not guarantee the performance or longevity of the DPF, DOC, or SCR systems. We evaluate the filter's condition based on specifications; however, this assessment does not ensure future performance or durability, as it may be influenced by external factors. It is essential to recognize that the accumulation of soot and contaminants in these systems primarily results from engine operation and related components. While we address existing issues, we cannot guarantee future cleanliness or the need for additional cleaning due to factors beyond our control.

➡️ DIESEL EMISSIONS SPECIALISTS, warrants used DPFs free of defects for a period of 30 days or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

* One Box: The One Box aftertreatment setup was developed by
Detroit® engineers to meet the EPA’s EPA emissions standards. It contains the
diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC), diesel particulate filters (DPF), and
selective catalytic reduction device (SCR)