OTR Performance – Why We Recommend It to Every Owner Operator OTR Performance – Why We Recommend It to Every Owner Operator

OTR Performance – Why We Recommend It to Every Owner Operator

We have received many free products to test in the past from different suppliers. OTR is the single best product we have tested and still use at our shop. And I can’t stop recommending it to people come to our shop!
As you may know that I was a truck driver and owner operator for the past 5 years. I have experienced the stress most of you are experiencing while being thousand of miles away from home, especially when your truck breaks down on the road. You know some break-downs can be temporally resolved by using a diagnostic tool like OTR Performance to get you back on the road and safely drive to a shop of your own preference. I always say having a tool like OTR Performance for owner operators is like having an insurance policy, so you don’t have to be towed to a shop that you don’t know anything about when your truck breaks down. Here are a few important features that I see OTR Performance will be most beneficial for you.
OTR Performance offers a professional version diagnostic tool that can hook up to most of the engines out there, including Cummins, Detroit, Volvo, Mack, Paccar. Below is a list of specific engine models that currently work with OTR. This is specifically good for shops that works for different types of engines, and fleet owners that own a few different types of engines as well. So, you don’t need to purchase different diagnostic tools for different engines. It is a big saving in my opinion.

Nowadays, many mechanics just look at the fault codes during the diagnostic process. However, there are certain faults that would not show up as a fault code, such as temperature from temperature sensor. It won’t typically give you a fault code. With the live data generated every time you hook up your OTR Performance diagnostic tool, and with some common sense, you can spot some issues that no fault code displayed.
That is why I am always a big fan of the live data in diagnostic tools.
When you put a new DPF canister filter in your truck, you need some way of resetting everything back to where the truck knows, or the engine knows that you have a new filter in it. So, it is not going off the old soot levels and NOx levels. OTR Performance diagnostic tool does the reset for you. If you replace your own DPF filter, OTR is a must in my opinion.
To be able to extend of the life of the DPF canister filter and keep the system clean, forced regen is highly recommended. I normally recommend owner operator to do 2 or 3 forced regen per week, if you’re running across the country with 10,000 to 12,000 miles a month, I’d be doing a forced regen 3 times a week. Those active or passive regions or driving regens going on the road, can be interrupted at any time. They are not sufficient to keep your system clean. Plus, some trucks wouldn’t start the forced regen even when you click the regen button on your dash, because some of the parameters are not met. With OTR Performance diagnostic tool, you can do forced regen at your own convenience.
I have had Paccar engine with my Kenworth T680 when I was an owner operator. Paccar is very proprietary. Before I know OTR, their own software Davie is the only one that works with them. Fortunately, guys who have the Paccar engine isn’t limited to only Davie software anymore. OTR Prformance comes to the rescue when you experience the 5-mile derate.
OTR Performance has been a great partner to us. We are gladly passing the $100 promo code ( road3333 ) to our viewers, followers, and subscribers. You can always click here to check out the product offering from OTR Performance. You will automatically get $100 off when you check out!
Having a proper tools and basic knowledge of your truck and trailer plays an important role in your trucking and owner operator business. We strongly believe OTR Performance Diagnostic Tool is the right choice for your business!
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