Replacement DPF, Detroit Diesel - A0014903492, A0014903592, A6804913594, 6804913594, 6804910894, 6804913494

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High durability and effectiveness

Reduced backpressure and fuel consumption

In-house design and manufacture

Match OE performance

3 Years Warranty

*** Clamps & gaskets included ***

Dinex no. 35007
OE no. A0014903492, A0014903592, A6804913594, DDE EA0014903492, DDE RA0014903492, EA0014903492, RA0014903492, A0014903492, DDE EA0014903592, DDE RA0014903592, EA0014903592, RA0014903592, A0014903592, 6804913594, DDE EA6804913594, DDE RA6804913594, EA6804913594, RA6804913594, A6804913594, 6804910894, DDE EA6804910894, DDE RA6804910894, EA6804910894, RA6804910894, A6804910894, 6804913494, DDE EA6804913494, DDE RA6804913494, EA6804913494, RA6804913494, A6804913494
Emission norm EPA10


Dinex® is a Danish company that specializes in exhaust and emission parts for heavy duty trucks and construction and agricultural vehicles. Jørgen Dinesen and his wife Grethe started the company in 1982, but it was only until the mid-1990s when people started noticing their products, thanks to their competitive, price-attractive one-stop-shop concept. Today, Dinex serves both OEMs and aftermarket with state-of-the-art exhaust and emission solutions. Its operations are split into aftermarket and OEM locations, including the US, Denmark, UK, and more. Dinex always goes the extra mile and even pushes new boundaries to provide its customers with solutions that meet the most stringent emission standards.